Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home For Sale

I marketed numerous homes for my clients, did many open houses on weekends, I am always enthusiastic to do my best. Strangely it's hard to apply the strategies to my own home. It's on the market for awhile, I had few conditional offers but it went down the drain due to mortgage strict compliance. I was not doing extra effort to sale it fast until recently, I can't even market it properly, perhaps selling is against my will but I am left with no choice.

Yesterday, Saturday, for the first time I did an open house, Friday night and very early Saturday morning before sunrise, me and my brother worked hard to clean the house, him, mowing the one acre grass, cleaning garage and driveway while I cleaned inside, spic and span. One agent called up asking to hide my cat coz he is bringing a client who hates cat. My poor baby has to go away for awhile and had to hide any trace of him at home. Fifteen minutes before the open house started, I was on my business suit with light make up on, standing at the front to greet people. Most of the people who came were from a certain country of origin, I'm not going to mention as it sounds prejudicing. All I heard from them were negatives,harsh words, for a sole purpose to chop down the price into almost nothing. It affects physchologically and made me depress. I can take criticism as long as it's rationally express not bluntly on my face. They knew I am not only an Agent but an Owner as well. I heard bad comments to the houses I was marketing and i am always on alert to defend in a civilized manner but when it comes to my own, it really hit me deeply. I am also an immigrant here with a colored skin but people in this certain culture has no regards at all to another human beings feeling. Perhaps it's normal from where they came from. I can't be rude to them, against the code of ethics and I may lose the potential sale. I still acted professionally, calmed and smiling, acknowledging them promptly for coming though I felt like chasing them with a knife, (LOL).
When it was over,I slept until late this morning. I was not exhausted physically but mentally and emotionally hurt. Listening to all those blunderers made me felt so down and depress, ruined even my whole day today, I lose my my high spirit but I have to deal with it, they are fast growing in this country and they started to dominate the wealth and market. For sure there are also exceptions, not all of them. I am wondering how these people could feel superiority to another culture,this a multi-racial country, they should at least blend in and not imposing their way of life to a different society. Leave it at home or keep it to themselves. Yesterday's venture brings back bad memories, I can't get away from them....

There will be another open house next Saturday, but I'll have it done by my colleague while I keep distance, maybe do barbeque in the park with my brother.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scrappy Me...

I am not yet ready to fill up my blog, in fact this blog was created so that I can easily post comments to the other bloggers with no intention of posting my own. But since Odette had given me this award then I felt compelled to accept and response to the rule it contents. Odette, you got me..I don't normally fill up spaces anywhere describing my self but here I am...

10 Honest Scraps About me:

1. I have a good appetite when it comes to sea food especially raw fish and shells..hhhmmm.
2. I still have the habit of sitting on the floor comfortably in my froggy legs (M) position to which my Mom had tried to correct when I was a kid but the
stick that used to hit my bottom had no effect at all.
3. I am very sentimental, I don't throw or give away my favorite stuff, you can imagine my garbage collection 'til this moment.
4. I am a kitchen and washroom clean freak. When I check-in to hotels, i
check the washroom first.
5. I make decision without thinking carefully and then regret for so long.
6. I enjoy the company of old people rather than my age level.
7. I hate goodbyes even to new found friends,wish I can keep them all
8. I love old classical movies and music, especially the 50's.
9.I easily believe in make up stories and jokes to be true if someone tells
me with a serious expression.
10. I would faint if I touch a new born hairless animals, especially the baldy
hamsters and birds. hairless baby mouse? I'll die!!

and so on and so on...but I need only ten to write.